My Favourite Trip

I love Denmark and all the wonderful things we have to show our many visitors – and we certainly have to show you all the things you expect from us – but in my opinion we must be able to do so much more than just that.

It is my job to also find the little ”gems” for you, events where you have a successful experience and where after the trip you hopefully think, ”great that Incoming Denmark also give their personal opinion and such a trip we would not have thought of ourselves”.

So, let me present to you my favorite trip: After having picked you up at your ship or hotel the coach heads for Køge with a genuine provincial town atmosphere and charme.

A local guide will take you on a guided walk. You will visit the old part of town with the charming, medieval houses. No doubt your guide will tell you stories here which will be a new experience for you.

After Køge the trip will take you to Vallø Castle. Here we will have a photo stop, of course. Then we go on to Holtug and Gjorslev Bøgeskov - where we are going to visit the little fishing harbour by the beech forest. That is Danish idyl and that is exactly what we would like for you to take back home. We will drink a glass of champagne and absorb the maritime atmosphere.

When we have finished our champagne we continue to Stevns Cliff. Here we will visit the tiny church on the edge of the cliff. According to the legend the church is still standing because it moves a hand’s breath away from the edge every Christmas Eve. If you are lucky you may also find fossils in the chalk on the beach. Going back from the cliff we will make a stop at the little museum where the past is made fascinatingly clear in rooms, work-shops and showcases.

Stevns Klint is inscribed on UNESCO's World Heritage List because the explanation for the extinction of the dinosaurs lies hidden in the cliff.

On the way back we pass Bregentved Manor and Gisselfeld Monastery where we will also make a photo stop before returning to your ship or hotel.