Cosy Køge/Countryside:

Cosy Køge, feel the atmosphere on a guided walking tour in the old city. We will show you the charming Køge Town Square, Kjøge Mini Town a historically correct mini town to the scale of 1 to 10 and replica of the town A.D.
Køge is one of the towns in Denmark that have the largest number of well preserved half timbered houses in its centre, including Denmark's oldest half timbered house from 1527, verified by a date inscription, and the oldest town hall still in use, dating from 1552.

Afterwards we can provide a guided tour at Køge Museum or Køge Art Museum of Sketches.
A ticket from Køge Museum give you the same day free entrance at Køge Art Museum.

Køge was founded by royal order at the first place south of Copenhagen that had a natural harbour. The order was issued in the years prior to 1288, and placing the town also included the design of a town plan. This plan continues to provide the setting for the old town centre up to our days. Køge was granted a municipal charter in 1288.